Why am I creating this blog?

To be honest I don’t know yet.

I’ve realized I want to¬†go full into building quality websites online, and trying to make a living from it.

It may help me improve my writing skills.

I am thinking of just rapidly writing my thoughts and things I am passionate about which could help me improve my ability to write on all the other sites I plan on working on.

What will this blog have?

I might document my journey along the way sharing cool tips.

Or I might randomly share lessons I learned along the way.

Or I might realize it takes too much time and just abandon this site.

What honest motivations do I have for creating this?

Growing an audience of people that follow me that trust me.

Because networks of similar minded people could help me in return by sharing my website, sharing some of their secrets, etc.

Or I could go down the affiliate route and try to make money by adding affiliate links to my posts.

I don’t really want to get into doing something like that unless I would have anyway written the article if I received nothing from it. But how exactly do I keep those interests aligned.

Well this is enough for the day one post and we’ll see how it goes and if I continue in the future.